we teach yoga


Vessel is an open minded and experiential whole-life Yoga academy which marries Indian and Tibetan Buddhist lineages.



the union of body, mind, and spirit with divine consciousness.


Our unique, time-tested method consists of these four main pillars:


Anatomy, Alignment & Assists

Designed for people who wish to dive into anatomy & alignment, learn how to build creative sequences, the art of giving good assists, healing traumatic experiences in oneself & others while re inventing & deepening your personal practice.


Mind Training in the Ancient Indian Buddhist Tradition

Learn techniques from ancient Indian buddhism combined with modern neurophysiological research. Discover how to completely relax the body & vivify awareness at the same time. Extend, stabilize and deepen your attention span & enjoy each moment more fully while revealing realizations of self and the Universe.


The Energetic Path to Awakening

Based on the sacred artwork, instructions & practices of the Tibetan & Indian Yogic traditions, ‘Light Through the Veins’ will conceptually & experientially bring students into direct contact with the mysterious knowledge & power contained within the energetic anatomical system.


The Masterpiece of Tibetan Buddhism

Channeled by the father of the Dalai Lamas in the 14th century, it is said to contain all of the essential instructions & practices for Awakening, presented in the ideal order to learn them all within a single text. This is the Hero’s Journey of Tibetan Buddhism & one of the earliest positive psychological texts.


our mission


We are committed to showing the world what Yoga really is, and what it can do: we see Yoga as a path to a content life of compassion, self love, and empathy.

Our program is deeply inspired by the true Yogic roots of Eastern Mysticism.

We offer the framework for a sustainable future, influencing positive global change and awakening through tailored, individual training.


We focus on building a foundation for sustained mental health.

We educate and empower to release blockages in a safe and supportive environment — so everyone can be their best selves.

Along the way we share the spectrum of social, ethical, creative, healing & philosophical practices, guiding with a modern approach backed by neurophysiological research.


Our Team



Michael has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years. His classes, workshops & retreats weave together dharma, asana, music & meditation to guide participants along their paths with humor, scholarship & artistry.

He is the founder and director of Vessel Academy & a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He makes custom playlists and mixes for asana classes, and curates salon and musical performances as a part of the Vessel experience.


Sarah Petroski

Sarah specializes in functional training, sport specific goals, flexibility, and breathwork.

Several snowboarding induced concussions over the years led Sarah to look into meditation to heal her brain. Not only was meditation helpful for her cognitive recovery; it also led to more clarity, happiness, and deep relaxation. A devoted yoga practitioner for over twenty years she gives thanks and blessings to her teachers: Hari Kaur, Nevine Michaan, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Michael Hewett.


Guy Beider

Guy is a certified sound meditation facilitator, sound healing arts practitioner and educator. He is passionate about healthy sonic nourishment and conscious listening.

His major source of knowledge of working with sound is coming from extended research on psychoacoustics. The inspiration and specialty of style he practices is picked up from healers of the Amazon. The miraculous tones the audience is getting immersed into during his sessions belong to handpicked antique masterpieces of Himalayan singing bowls.


Chloe Hooton

Chloe is trained in the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. She trained at The Sunshine Network School in Northern Thailand under senior instructor Andrea Baglioni. Since early 2018 she has been on a mission to bring this uniquely holistic bodywork to a widespread NYC demographic. Thai Massage utilizes Ayurveda and Yogic knowledge while incorporating Chinese meridien lines and therapy points into its structure. Chloe's tailored 90-minute sequence consists of assisted yoga stretches, rhythmic pressure, acupressure, reflexology and subtle energy attunement to help relieve stress, tension, and clarify body and mind



Allison Joy teaches yoga for vitality, power, and optimal performance. She practices to restore energy, revitalize the body, and rejuvenate the mind. She shares lineage-based wisdom that provides immediate, tangible results for today’s working professional.

She was part of the Management team that opened Three Jewels flagship location on the Bowery and launched their yoga teacher training program in 2017. Her classes incorporate philosophy, intelligent alignment, meditation, and music.

Anna kuhn

Known for her deep, grounded energy, and keeping calm in the face of chaos, Anna’s principal tools for achieving balance in this hectic city are the eight limbs of yoga and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Since 2009, Anna has followed the paths of Tibetan Buddhist influence criss-crossing NYC yoga and academic centers, recently including the completion of a 300-hour Yoga, Meditation, and Dharma teacher certification with her long-time teacher, Michael Hewett, at Three Jewels.

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erick montes

Erick is an accomplished dancer and choreographer and former member of the prestigious Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, where he practiced yoga for 12 years with director Janet Wong. He is a modern technique dance teacher, the director of Erick Montes/Danceable Projects, and an international professional dancer of 22 years. He is a graduate of the 500-hour program from Three Jewels in NYC. His teachers include Michael Hewett, Gina de la Chesnaye, Allison Joy Phillips, and Hector Marcel. His fun, practical asana classes teach self-empowerment while building strength and self confidence, lifting the spirit through a blend of yoga and dance.

Vic headshot.jpg

victoria davis

Victoria has been involved in movement practices since early childhood, transitioning from gymnastics to yoga ten years ago.

In 2012 she began meditating and studying Tibetan Buddhism and has since dedicated her life to the practices that have radically shifted her own.

Victoria is the founder of Wellspring Co., a New York based organization offering meditation and mindfulness practices to east coast corporations.



Gina offers contemplative-based mind/body practices for trauma recovery and resiliency, as well as trauma-informed trainings for social workers, trauma therapists, and caregivers. She works with Second Response, the International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights, Harvard University, and The Lineage Project offering practices to survivors of sex-trafficking, refugees, and at-risk and incarcerated youth. She is a member of 108Lives, which embodies the practice of compassion and service through its work in Nepal.


Reda Charafeddine

Reda has excelled as a storyteller and visual designer for some of the best-known brands for over 20 years. His clients include Disney, Bruckheimer Films, Pixar, Anthony Bourdain, Dave Chappell, and The Wall Street Journal.

He is a graduate of the Vessel 300-hour teaching training program and brings meditation to corporate offices to improve communication, efficiency, and positive thought.


Michael McSwain

Michael McSwain is a freelance writer with a special focus in health and wellness. His writing applies mystic and contemplative traditions to modern Western life, thought, and well-being.
Michael teaches yoga and meditation in NYC, offers corporate and creative agency meditation workshops, provides astrological counseling, and is a graduate of Vessel's teacher training program. His yoga curriculum at Vessel incorporates the meaning and movement of the planets into the movements of the body and mind.


“Going through Vessel training in 2012 was the most influential thing I have ever done to implement practical spirituality and philosophy into my daily life.”

“Michael is an extremely committed, articulate, honest yoga teacher who constantly challenges himself. As his student, he expects you would want nothing less from yourself.”

“Michael Hewett is a truly gifted teacher. He knows the Dharma, he practices it beautifully and he continually makes new realms accessible to everyone who studies with him.”