Our unique, time-tested method consists of these four main pillars Drawn from various ancient lineages.


shapeshifting - Physical Yoga

We teach dynamic asana influenced by Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini, with a unique blend of dharma, meditation, subtle body (astral anatomy), and music. Each class is designed for people who wish to:

💎 Embody wisdom and activate the body and energetic system
💎 Align the physical practice with the philosophical
💎 Experience the impact of powerful sequences
💎 Heal and release traumatic experiences
💎 Reinvent & deepen your personal practice


Mind Training in the Ancient Indian Buddhist Tradition

Samatha meditation is what we believe to be the foundation for the rest of the teachings to rest upon. Learn techniques from ancient Indian buddhism combined with modern neurophysiological research to:

💎 Discover how to completely relax the body & vivify awareness at the same time
💎 Extend, stabilize and deepen your attention span & enjoy each moment more fully
💎 Reveal realizations of self and the Universe

astral anatomy

The Energetic Path to Awakening

Astral anatomy, known as the subtle body, is the mysterious knowledge & power contained within your own energetic anatomical system. We teach to:

💎 Raise, direct, sustain, release & ground your energy
💎 Balance your own energy for sustained equanimity
💎 Explore skeletal alignment, muscular engagement & breath control to spark energetic activation
💎 Experience your own astral anatomy through guided meditation


Tibetan and Indian Buddhism & philosophy

By interweaving each class with the ancient wisdom of our Buddhist teachers, we pass on the life changing ingredient for the practice to benefit you and the world around you.

💎 Learn about karma, sunyata, and other Buddhist principles to guide your path to awakening
💎 Train yourself to be more kind, compassionate, and selfless
💎 Detach from ideas and poisons that cause you suffering
💎 Study the instructions for awakening as handed down by the Buddha Gotama



“Going through Vessel training in 2012 was the most influential thing I have ever done to implement practical spirituality and philosophy into my daily life.”

“Michael is an extremely committed, articulate, honest yoga teacher who constantly challenges himself. As his student, he expects you would want nothing less from yourself.”

“Michael Hewett is a truly gifted teacher. He knows the Dharma, he practices it beautifully and he continually makes new realms accessible to everyone who studies with him.”

“Michael Hewett and Allison Joy Phillips, your mastery and love for what you offer in this world created magic. I bow. I was high as a kite afterward, and it was the perfect restoration for me after a long day of clinic. Thank you both! And wow, the music!”