We focus on building a foundation for sustained mental health.

We educate and empower to release blockages in a safe and supportive environment — so everyone can be their best selves.

Along the way we share the spectrum of social, ethical, creative, healing & philosophical practices, guiding with a modern approach backed by neurophysiological research.


“Going through Vessel training in 2012 was the most influential thing I have ever done to implement practical spirituality and philosophy into my daily life.”

“Michael is an extremely committed, articulate, honest yoga teacher who constantly challenges himself. As his student, he expects you would want nothing less from yourself.”

“Michael Hewett is a truly gifted teacher. He knows the Dharma, he practices it beautifully and he continually makes new realms accessible to everyone who studies with him.”

“Michael Hewett and Allison Joy Phillips, your mastery and love for what you offer in this world created magic. I bow. I was high as a kite afterward, and it was the perfect restoration for me after a long day of clinic. Thank you both! And wow, the music!”