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We teach to inspire happiness.

Our training programs are designed to specifically target positive behavioral change with a powerful toolset for reducing and releasing stress while learning to be your best self, in and out of the office.

Yoga is proven to foster:
Overall mental health
Overall physical health
Communication skills & Emotional intelligence
Peace of mind & Resiliency
Community & teamwork

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leadership training

We know positive behavior, motivation, and efficiency are important in the workplace. We’ve curated and combined the teachings of Yoga that can influence long-lasting, positive changes.

We take you and your employees through 5-24 week training programs, designed based on your needs, with our comprehensive Sarva Yoga Method, to aid in inspiration and influence sustained positivity.

Available to activate at your office, offsite, or our Yoga studio in NoMad.



We get that you’re busy and don’t think you have time for Yoga — don’t worry, we can package intensive programs into digestible 60-180 minute workshops during times that work for you.

We offer diverse workshops and classes focused on Yogic teachings and therapeutic methods, including meditation, yoga asana (physical yoga), Thai yoga massage, Ayurveda for self care, and more.

We can help you design a wellness day for your office with a custom package of various workshops and special offerings. Inquire to build your own package.

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Take your office on the most productive team-building journey ever!

We offer 3-7 day retreats domestically and internationally in Italy and France.

Retreats are the ultimate way to relax deeply while growing exponentially. They are proven to cultivate camaraderie, stir passion, and ignite creativity while relaxing, eating organic food, and connecting with nature.

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mirror / wave


Begins October 2019


astral anatomy: the energetic path to awakening

Based on the sacred artwork, instructions & practices of the Tibetan tantric & Indian yogic traditions, this is the mysterious knowledge within the energetic system hidden within your body.

July 1-July 29


intro to ayurveda + birth charts

We can treat ourselves holistically and effectively with the wisdom of ancient self-care practices. Learn your constitution and how to implement simple shifts for total transformation.

June-August 2019


Private yoga

One-on-one training with an expert instructor …the way Yoga was originally intended. Custom tailored for your needs and desires by senior level teachers.

By appointment


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.
Book a 90 minute private session with Chloe Hooton.


Private coaching

Yogic guidance for your most burning questions and greatest challenges. Receive advice and results-driven practice from a seasoned Vessel spiritual guide.

By appointment (remote sessions available)


practitioner care Training

February-August 2019
Vessel’s custom curriculum geared to mental health practitioners. The 6-month deep-dive covers all of the foundational Yogic teachings: asana, subtle body activation, mindfulness meditation, and philosophies of ancient India & Tibet.


ayurvedic yoga

Restorative sessions combine gentle stretching, conscious relaxation, and guided meditation to perfectly balance your active lifestyle in congruence to your physical needs.

Wednesdays 7pm, October 2019


introduction to tantra

April-June 2019

Tantra is the interweaving of spiritual practice through every aspect of life — the art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Stay tuned for June 2019 courses


come visit

We have a custom-designed semi-private studio located in the Iris-Kaplan Center for Mind-Body Wellness in NoMad.

276 5th Ave, Top Floor
New York, NY


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