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intro to ayurveda + birth charts


intro to ayurveda + birth charts | $300

a 5-week introductory course on the fundamentals of Ayurveda, paired with Ayurvedic astrology birth chart readings for optimized self care.

Lead by Allison Joy Phillips
Every alternative Wednesday
June 26-August 21 at 7pm

june 26-august 21
7:00-9:00 pm

Have you taken a dosha quiz? This is only a teeny tiny glimpse into your elemental makeup and can be highly inaccurate!

In this module, Allison Joy will calculate your Ayurvedic birth chart, the best foundation to apply self care principles effectively, in addition to a holistic introduction to Ayurveda.

💎 Panchakarma: The art of detox
💎 Ayurvedic Diagnostics: Self examination
💎 Why Yoga and Ayurveda go together
💎 The 3 Fundamental Forces
💎 Aligning with the Aspects, Aims & Stages of Life
💎 Vata, Pitta, Kapha: Their combinations & divisions

A 5-week course at Vessel Academy
Alternating Wednesdays at 7pm 

Enrollment options available for:
5-week course ($300)
+ 5 Ayurvedic asana classes ($400)
++ Private 90-minute astrological chart reading ($500)

astral anatomy: the energetic path to awakening


astral anatomy: the energetic path to awakening | $300

a 5-week deep dive course focused on how to awaken, direct, and ground the mysterious knowledge and wisdom within your own body.

Lead by Michael Hewett
Meets each Monday evening in July
July 1-July 29 at 7pm


july 1-july 29
7:00-9:00 pm

Based on the sacred artwork, instructions & practices of the Tibetan tantric & Indian yogic traditions, this course brings you into direct contact with the mysterious knowledge & power contained within the energetic system hidden within your body.

💎 Learn to raise, direct, sustain, release & ground your energy

💎 Explore skeletal alignment, muscular engagement & breath control to spark energetic activation

💎Experience your own astral anatomy through guided meditation

A 5-week course at Vessel Academy
Every Monday in July at 7pm


boundaries bootcamp | $35

Saturday, July 13


saturday, july 13

Boundaries Bootcamp is for the natural empath who wants to understand how to skillfully erect loving, sustainable, supportive boundaries.

Through accessing the subtle body and reflecting inward, this 2-hour session will guide participants to connect with their true source of strength and stability. We will look at how to choose our responses mindfully and to release taking others’ reactions personally.

Amalia Sirica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and yoga teacher with a passion for helping people discover self-love and compassion. She believes that connection is at the root of all healing.


Access Consciousness Bars Method | $350

Saturday, July 20


saturday, july 20

The Bars are a series of 32 acupressure points on the head that release tension and induce deep relaxation. It’s the easiest, most accessible technique I've ever come across to invite change and transformation into the body. 

All it requires is an open mind. It's used to reduce stress, to integrate the sides of the body and the hemispheres of the brain, to relieve physical pain and release emotional trauma. It's a valuable tool for all healers, therapists, and lovers. And after this one day class, you can become a practitioner! 

Investment: $350

For more information go to www.mariposayoganola.com

Learn The Bars with Tyler St. Jean or book a private session with her to experience this transformative treatment ($150).

root connection: yoga + rolfing for self-care


root connection: yoga + rolfing for self-care | $40

Sunday, July 21


Pre-registration is required.

sunday, july 21
3:30-5:30 pm

We’re so excited to host Rolf Yoga with Chelsey Kap!

Tight hips, low back pain, foot issues, pelvic floor disconnection... it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t have or hasn’t had one of these.

In this semi-private workshop, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to treat these issues holistically.

Gain practical tools to support the foundation of who you are and who you can grow to be in the world!

Through yoga, rolfing, and acupressure techniques, Chelsey will guide the group towards an embodied understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional components of how we experience our root, from the low back to the feet. This workshop will include yoga poses, pranayama, and some bodywork (both self-applied and from Chelsey, with your permission). Participants will receive a recording of Chelsey’s guided meditation for the root chakra and pelvic bowl.

kamala ensemble: cello, guitar, percussion concert


kamala ensemble concert | $35

Saturday, July 27


saturday, july 27

A contemporary classical ensemble born primarily from the lineages of African, Indian, western classical, and jazz music, Kamala is a connection to the interdependent, abundant universe surrounding us.

Bret Cohen: Voice/Percussion
Lara Brodsky: Cello
Matt Davis: Guitar

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astral anatomy: light through the veins

Based on the sacred artwork, instructions & practices of the Tibetan tantric & Indian yogic traditions, this course brings you into direct contact with the mysterious knowledge & power contained within the energetic system hidden within your body.

July 1-July 29


tuscany retreat

August 3-10, 2019
Vessel returns to Ebbio, Tuscany to lead a 7-day practitioner training retreat.
Our focus will be how to effectively create and sustain transcendent experiences through the combination of physical, energetic & meditative practices, all while enjoying the beautiful Italian countryside.


intro to ayurveda + birth charts

Ayurveda is the yoga of lifestyle. Our astrological chart reveals our body type and imbalance tendency. We can treat ourselves holistically and effectively with the wisdom of ancient self-care practices. Learn your constitution and how to implement simple shifts for total transformation.

June-August 2019


Private yoga

One-on-one training with an expert instructor …the way Yoga was originally intended. Custom tailored for your needs and desires.

By appointment


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.
Book a 90 minute private session with Chloe Hooton.


Private coaching

Yogic guidance for your most burning questions and greatest challenges. Receive advice and results-driven practice from a seasoned Vessel spiritual guide.

By appointment (remote sessions available)


practitioner care Training

February-August 2019
Vessel’s custom curriculum geared to mental health practitioners. The 6-month deep-dive covers all of the foundational Yogic teachings: asana, subtle body activation, mindfulness meditation, and philosophies of ancient India & Tibet.


vessel restorative

Restorative sessions combine gentle stretching, conscious relaxation, and guided meditation to perfectly balance your active lifestyle. Drop in to renew energy and revitalize your body & mind.

Wednesdays 7pm

Sound Meditation

An immersive dive into the mysterious healing vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, chimes, and other traditional & neo-traditional instruments.

Select Mondays 7pm


semi-private yoga

& meditation

Vessel’s intimate studio experience means every student gets personal attention to rapidly advance their practice. Experience the difference of semi-private instruction.

Daily sessions


introduction to tantra

April-June 2019

Tantra is the interweaving of spiritual practice through every aspect of life — the art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Stay tuned for June 2019 courses


vessel salons

Concerts, guest speakers, and musically driven special events at our beautiful studio.


come visit

We have a custom-designed semi-private studio located in the Iris-Kaplan Center for Mind-Body Wellness in NoMad.

276 5th Ave, Top Floor
New York, NY


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